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Patient Testimonials

At Reiss Physical Therapy & Rehab, we are committed to providing a high standard of quality care, and we value one-on-one interaction with our patients.

We believe that building strong patient rapport is essential to making patients at ease and happy during their course of treatment. This has also proven to be highly beneficial in achieving results.  Diana Reiss has had a high success rate in helping patients achieve their personal and functional goals.

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I drove out of my way during rush hour traffic to see Diana Reiss. She is that good.  Also, she is in-network for Blue Cross. That's a plus (pun intended).

I strained my abs two months ago. I thought it might just heal on its own, but I saw little progress. I was not able to lift weights or even run without experiencing lots of pain.

I saw Diana and, within four sessions, the strain was significantly reduced. She gave targeted deep  massages to the source area to loosen up the strained muscles.  That alone made me feel like I got my money's worth. It made all the difference in my recovery. And she equipped me with knowledge and practices to prevent that strain in the future.  

She assessed me as "good enough" after six sessions and suggested that I end therapy. I appreciated that she was honest. Some individual health practitioners like to eek out more sessions--but not Diana!! :)

Great physical therapist. Would recommend to friends.

                                                                                                                                               - Bill P.


I live right around the corner, but I'd drive across town if it meant getting the skill, care, and attention I get from Diana Reiss.

She genuinely cares about my progress, listens to my complaints, and consistently seeks out exercises and stretches that will help me.

She takes Blue Cross and knows how to maximize the benefit I get from such crappy insurance.

                                                                                                                                            - Romo C.


Diana Reiss has been a significant game changer in my life now for two serious issues; and I must say, she is truly gifted. I first me with Diana during a case of severe BPV: Benign Positional Vertigo. Initially I met with a general practitioner who saw me for 5 minutes, wrote up a prescription, and sent me on my way.  My symptoms persisted for another 2 months, even under this doctors prescriptions of medications, with zero signs of improvement. I was getting increasingly frustrated. I met with Diana and she said that what I was experiencing could actually be a 'mechanical' issue. Initially I was skeptical of her comment, not understanding how vertigo could in any way be a 'mechanical' or 'physical' issue, and nearly dismissed this piece of information, until I met with her a second time, where she performed a physical maneuver on me, and my symptoms disappeared instantaneously.

She is an extremely knowledgeable and perceptive P.T., she listens thoroughly to her patients, assesses accordingly, and goes straight into action mode, providing patients with valuable insight into the mechanics of their own bodies, why things feel the way they do, and provides a prescription of motions to alleviate and eliminate symptoms of pain/physical discomfort altogether.

I saw Diana again after having severe pain in my right scapula. She performed various maneuvers to uncover the origins of my pain, provided me with a couple of simple yet specific techniques to strengthen the tissue in my right scapular region, and then placed a form of electrical current stimulation therapy on this region which stimulated my muscles in that area, allowing them to reconnect to the damaged underlying nerve tissue so that communication between nerve and muscles could be reactivated (she explained how the nerves and muscles work together). As I write this even now, I feel the effects of that therapy--feeling as though the healing process is continuing in a self regenerative sort of way. Diana is awesome; so down to earth, kind, positive, informative, and very transparent. Her office is beautiful, zen-like, spacious yet homey, and very calming. She gets straight down to business, and her business and concern is to see you heal.

                                                                                                                                           - Jaclyn B.


In the process of starting Pilates to deal with arthritis and chronic back pain, I was referred to Diana for consultation to assess my potential for range of motion exercises.  When I started, I literally could not lie on a floor mat without pain.  Diana was extremely helpful in designing a program for gradual build-up of strength, and, within a couple months, she had me progressing much faster than I would have imagined.  Best of all, I am not pulling my back out any more.
I highly recommend Diana.  She is a skilled diagnostician, has magic hands in deep massage and gave just the right amount of firm encouragement to get me back to body strength.

                                                                                                                                              - Fredi R.


Diana was recommended to me by a friend whom I trust very much, and I am so glad I that I chose her.  I broke an ankle a few months ago, and when I started PT with Diana, I was still on crutches and wearing a boot.  My foot was a swollen, purple mass -- I was afraid to touch it, let alone bend it or put any weight on it.
Diana instantly helped me overcome my anxieties and helped me come up with ambitious, but realistic rehabilitation goals.  My progress has been incredible.  After three sessions, I was already walking a little and after a few more, I dispensed with the crutches and the boot entirely.
Diana is extremely encouraging and takes real, visible pleasure in my improvement.  She helps me see what I am capable of, but she also knows when to ease off and slow down.  I should also add that she is available: my back hurt after an early session, and I emailed her over the weekend.  She wrote back quickly with useful suggestions and advice.  And she relieved all the pain in our next session.  She is pleasant to deal with and flexible about appointment times, and her office is light, cheerful and conveniently located, with parking in the back.  I would recommend her in the strongest possible terms to anyone seeking a PT.

                                                                                                                                             -Paul L.


Diana Reiss is the most kind, committed, and talented PT I've ever worked with. Her detailed assessment of my physical needs made her therapeutic treatments all the more successful and my newly strengthened wrist and ankle are a testament to her devotion to physical health.

I HIGHLY recommend anyone in the Los Angeles area to book an appointment with this highly talented PT.                                                                                                                                                               

-Janelle E.


A frozen shoulder and pain that brought tears to my eyes brought me to Dr. Diana Reiss. Her ability to access the situation and through a series of massage, manual therapy techniques and exercise I have gained back significant range of motion and can resume my active life.  She is caring, kind and compassionate and has a great sense of humor that certainly helps to take the edge off of your problem.  Ask her about her 'friendly jiggle". She is an unbelievable physical therapist and I highly recommend her to you.

                                                                                                                                           - Wendy L.


My lower back pain was unbearable and I had been to see my primary Dr who recommended Diana with flying colors. I have to agree completely! My back pain is 100% better and she has helped me learn how to manage when I start to feel my back acting up. She has taught me how to walk, stand, sit and exercise correctly so that I can prevent this from happening again in the future!

-Ashley S.


I was referred to Reiss Physical Therapy by a colleague and I must say, I am very happy I chose to visit this facility. I suffered severe muscle strain a few months ago, and Diana was extremely attentive and sensitive to my pain areas. The stretching techniques and treatments she provided really helped me recover sooner than expected.

I highly recommend Diana and Reiss Physical Therapy.

-Marc H.



I decided to try Reiss Physical Therapy since it is fairly close to my new apartment. After going for about 8 weeks, I see improvement in strength and flexion.

Diana  is very skilled in kinesio taping techniques-- this helped stabilize my knee without a brace and also helped "turn on" atrophied post-surgery muscles. Ms. Reiss also has a pilates reformer; I start that next week and will update on that.

Overall: Diana Reiss is a skilled and encouraging physical therapist; she owns her small private practice and she gives a lot of attention to her clients. So far, I've never seen her treat more than one patient at a time.

-Reg  T.


Diana is the best!  I've had chronic neck issues for years that she quickly diagnosed and helped me to strengthen the atrophied muscles that were causing the problem.  And she also has magic massage fingers.

-Mark S.


I am indebted to Diana Reiss, DPT, who guided a careful regimen of training over a two-month period.

                                                                                                                                                - John T.