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Hands-On Manual Therapy Techniques

At Reiss Physical Therapy we utilize the most current manual therapy techniques. These are specialized skills performed on nerves, joints and muscles, used to treat orthopaedic and neurologic conditions.  These “hands on methods” are applied to the affected areas of your body to eliminate pain, relax muscles that are tight or in spasm, restore active range of motion, improve flexibility and restore your function.  These include:  joint and soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, neural mobilization, scar mobilizations, edema management, mobilizations with movement, muscle energy, to name a few.

Pre and Post Surgical Program

Whether you are about to have surgery or have had it already, we can help decrease pain and restore function with treatments designed to help you reach your goals.

Posture and Body Mechanics Education

No matter who you are or what you do, we all find ourselves slumping at some point, or lifting improperly.  Injuries can occur even by doing something as simple as tying our shoes. Learning proper posture in standing, sitting, and while doing exercises and daily activities can eliminate back and neck pain, prevent injuries, and improve performance.

Therapeutic Exercises and Neuromuscular Re-education 

Whether you are recovering from surgery or have acute or chronic pain, exercise is essential.  At Reiss Physical Therapy & Rehab, our physical therapists help you eliminate pain, improve range of motion and flexibility with a strong emphasis in core stabilization to achieve your functional goals using the best evidence based exercises.  We will design a customized home exercise program for each patient that will be performed independently.

Mechanical Spinal Traction

Traction of the spine is used for the reduction of signs or symptoms from cervical or lumbar spinal compression whether from a degenerative process or disc pathology, stenosis or nerve root impingements. The physical effects of traction include a gentle stretch to the joint capsule to provide for an increased spacing between intervertebral foramina and the vertebral bodies.  It also elongates muscular tissues and improves blood supply to soft tissue and intervertebral discs and alters intradiscal pressure.  Common symptoms treated with traction include numbness, tingling, pain of  an extremity, decreased motor function or reflexes that are temporarily reduced with manual traction, general or local hypomobility of spine and associated increased muscle tone, muscle spasms and central, unilateral or bilateral spinal pain reduced by manual or positional traction.


Pilates has been shown to improve core stability, increase flexibility and athletic performance and active range of motion. We incorporate Pilates as an effective part of a patient’s rehabilitation program, as well as to maintain total body wellness.

Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention/ Education

Our older patients frequently express their fear of falling.  Our therapists will work with creating individualized programs to educate patients on fall prevention strategies, and create an exercise program to decrease fall risk by improving gait, balance, proprioception, strength, range of motion and flexibility. 

Pregnancy & PostPartum Program 

Whether you are starting to plan for pregnancy, already pregnant, or have already had a baby, back pain is a common side effect of pregnancy.  Our therapist will evaluate your needs and create an individualized program based on pelvic floor strengthening to alleviate your pain and help ensure a comfortable pregnancy.


Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat and cryotherapy are clinically effective in pain management, increase blood flow and decrease inflammation, as well as to warm tissues prior to exercise and/or manual therapy.

Kinesio® Tape

Kinesio tape is a versatile modality that can be applied to the body by a  physical therapist to facilitate proper muscle and movement patterns, affect circulation and lymphatic drainage, and improve posture and performance during activities of daily living and sports participaton.

Laser Light Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) helps eliminate pain caused by both orthopedic and neurological conditions (peripheral neuropathy, chronic pain) by providing energy to rejuvenate damaged cells.  The light treatment is effective enough to reach up to 4 inches beneath the skin’s surface

Wellness Program

We are proud to offer a supervised exercise program to help patients continue on with strengthening and conditioning once discharge from direct physical therapy care.

Sports Rehab

Get back in the game with an individualized and sports-specific treatment program designed for you by our therapists.

We are an Outpatient Orthopaedic Clinic. At Reiss Physical Therapy & Rehab, our doctors are experienced clinicians and specialists in treating simple to complex problems including neck and back pain, radiculopathies, shoulder injuries, knee pain, ankle sprains, fractures, pre and post surgical repairs and joint replacements,  sports rehab injury, chronic pain, headaches, balance and gait disorders. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to physical therapy and utilize a variety of treatment techniques depending on your diagnosis, pain level, and functional limitations. 

At Reiss Physical Therapy & Rehab, we believe that it takes a partnership between the therapist and the patient to make change and reach the functional goals established by the patient, their physician and therapist.

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